"THAT RAMBLIN' MAN" rambles on...

This is Wally's first original recorded song and the video that goes along with it. The video was shot in and around the town of Elora, Ontario. Elora is a very unique place well worth your going there and exploring all that it has to offer in the way of amazing scenery, quaint shops, tasty food offerings and friendly residents.

And because this is Wally's hometown, who knows; you might run into the big guy while you're there. If you do by all means say hello.

This is the VIDEO for Wally's second original song, "I Just Believe In You", Its lyrics were created for and about a friend, Annie Price Bouchard.

Two days before Annie died of cancer Wally came to her home and played the song for her. It was a magical moment for Annie knowing that the song would live on after her.

Later a video was created to go along with that song.

Keep a Kleenex nearby while you watch and listen to it.