This day it was time to head out to Jukasa Studios to meet with the head audio engineer, Darren Magierowski, to book some recording dates down the road.

It was also an opportunity for Wally to present Darren with a framed display of his recent song, "That Ramblin' Man". Darren surprised Wally by adding this framed display to the 'wall of fame' in the studio.

Juno Award winning engineers at Jukasa Studios; Darren and assistant, Jill.

Juno Award winning engineers at Jukasa Studios; Darren and assistant, Jill.

One of the lines Wally sings in his new song, "That Ramblin' Man", is "He's here; he's there; he's everywhere" and that is so Wally.
Wally Maggs travels the countryside performing in a wide variety of venues: private clubs, concert halls, fund-raising and charitable events, senior and retirement centres and anywhere else country music lovers gather to hear him sing and play.
Wally Maggs truly is That Ramblin' Man.



Wally and wife Sheila headed off to FRANNIES RESTAURANT AND BAKERY located along Highway 7 on Sunday afternoon to take part with some friends in an anniversary celebration of Frannie's first year in business. Monies raised at this pig roast went to 2 worthy causes: "Safe Haven" and the "Children's Breakfast Club". Several hundred participants with hungry appetites and an ear for good music enjoyed this late afternoon event.

If you were at the St. Mary's Golf and Country Club on Saturday night recently then you got to see country music man, Wally Maggs, sing his heart out at a private concert. Everyone there enjoyed Wally's selection of country classic songs along with a few rock and roll oldies. New fans and old enjoyed the music, some great food and their choice of liquid refreshments during the evening.