When people show up to watch and listen to Wally in concert they really have no idea about the work and effort it takes in preparation for doing a performance. Equipment has to be carried to the car and loaded. The car has to be gassed up and ready to go.

The drive to the venue area can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two and one half hours.

Somewhere near the venue Wally and his roadie sidekick will stop and eat something good to provide energy for the show.

And then it's time to arrive at the venue, unload the equipment and transfer it into the venue and onto the performance area. Usually the setup can take upwards to an hour before it's Wally's turn to strum that guitar and sing that first song.

Later on after all the music is finished the process is reversed and it's time to get back home. Maybe even grab a cold drink along the way.


First impressions are so important when you're an entertainer traveling here and there on the road. You walk into a new place and hopefully get greeted warmly by someone in charge.

Recently Wally visited Granite Landing, a retirement complex on the eastern side of Cambridge. And who do you meet and get greeted by? Why none other than Tammy - a very personable and upbeat receptionist who always has the right answer when you need it. She has a way about her that makes anyone who meets her feel special.

it's no wonder Wally likes playing and singing at the Landing.


One of the lines Wally sings in his new song, "That Ramblin' Man", is "He's here; he's there; he's everywhere" and that is so Wally.
Wally Maggs travels the countryside performing in a wide variety of venues: private clubs, concert halls, fund-raising and charitable events, senior and retirement centres and anywhere else country music lovers gather to hear him sing and play.
Wally Maggs truly is That Ramblin' Man.

Recently in Fergus, Ontario Wally got to meet John "The Iceman".  He is recently retired from a very unique position.  His company is responsible for keeping the ice frozen in all the NHL rinks throughout North America (except for 3 rinks). Needless to say smiling happy John is one "cool dude".

John "The Iceman" with Wally in Fergus

John "The Iceman" with Wally in Fergus