When people show up to watch and listen to Wally in concert they really have no idea about the work and effort it takes in preparation for doing a performance. Equipment has to be carried to the car and loaded. The car has to be gassed up and ready to go.

The drive to the venue area can take anywhere from 10 minutes to two and one half hours.

Somewhere near the venue Wally and his roadie sidekick will stop and eat something good to provide energy for the show.

And then it's time to arrive at the venue, unload the equipment and transfer it into the venue and onto the performance area. Usually the setup can take upwards to an hour before it's Wally's turn to strum that guitar and sing that first song.

Later on after all the music is finished the process is reversed and it's time to get back home. Maybe even grab a cold drink along the way.


Recently Wally and Richard were back in Jukasa Studios to get song number four recorded. This song titled "Let Freedom Reign Forever" is dedicated to all Canadian military veterans who so bravely and unselfishly took up arms in defense of freedom. In some instances they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Darren Jeter Magierowski, a three time Juno award winning audio engineer and Jill, his assistant, handled the technical aspects of the project superbly. Wally

hired some of the best musicians in the country to provide the instrumental background tracks for the song: Dave Patel on drums, Pete Sisk on bass and five time Fiddle Player of the Year, Shane Guse, on fiddle. At a later date Dale Rivard added a steel guitar track to the mix.

This new song will hit the airwaves in Canada on Remembrance Day 2020. In the United States and in 93 other countries around the world it will also be played  on Veterans Day.A new video will arrive on Wally's website and on YouTube again on November 11, 2020.

Wally and Richard salute military veterans around the world. Thank you for your service.


One of the lines Wally sings in his new song, "That Ramblin' Man", is "He's here; he's there; he's everywhere" and that is so Wally.
Wally Maggs travels the countryside performing in a wide variety of venues: private clubs, concert halls, fund-raising and charitable events, senior and retirement centres and anywhere else country music lovers gather to hear him sing and play.
Wally Maggs truly is That Ramblin' Man.


It's not music if no one is listening.”

— Country Singer - Paul Weber