Welcome to my music page.

My newest song, "DRINKIN' HERE TODAY", is finally finished and is sitting here on this page waiting for you to give a listen. My first 2 original songs, "THAT RAMBLIN' MAN" and "I JUST BELIEVE IN YOU", are here also . All 3 were recorded with my studio band at Jukasa Studios on the Six Nations Reserve .

The other songs also listed on this web page are classic cover songs that I recorded with the Silver Creek Band. I hope that you enjoy listening to every one of them.

And on a special note if you're interested in a live performance concert by Wally Maggs then in a few weeks I'll be posting music videos of songs that I recorded with PAUL CHAPMAN on lead guitar, DALE RIVARD on steel guitar, MURRAY WILLIAMS on bass guitar and DARREN JETER MAGIEROWSKI on drums at the Tillsonburg Legion on Saturday, November 2, 2019..




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The boys are back at it again. Wally and Richard have decided to do an upbeat tempo song about a cowboy who loves his lifestyle and the ladies but is afraid of commitment.

So the working title for the new song is "I'M ONLY PASSIN' THROUGH". Richard has come up with the lyrics for the first, second and third verses:


You gave me all your lovin';

A sweet gift just for me.

But I'm just a travelin' man

With a pair of wanderin' feet.

You figured I would settle down

And do like others do.

You know I cannot love you;

I'm only passin' through.


I have never met another

Who is lovin' and so kind.

To me you are an angel

Whose smile is so divine.

You are an amzin' woman;

A kind that I never knew.

I can't return these feelin's;

I'm only passin' through.


You offered me a new life

Better than I've ever had.

But you have to realize

I am not your Galahad.

You need a constant lover

Who always will be true.

So even if I loved you

I'm only passin' through.

Now all that Richard has to do is come up with a chorus. Check in to this music page every now and then. Eventually we'll have the completed lyrics. 

Then it'll be up to the melody man, Wally, to do his part next.


It's not very often that you witness a truly magical music moment during a concert. But that is exactly what happened recently when Wally performed at a retirement centre in Brantford. One of his truly sincere music fans, Harriet, always gets up and just has to dance to one or more of Wally's songs. Wally chose to surprise Harriet with a song sung especially for her.

It was such a sweet moment

Little did Wally know that Harriet had a surprise for him. She hails from the east coast and was an accomplished member of a band during her younger years playing not only guitar but also the mandolin. And that afternoon she had her guitar in the room. And BINGO! There she was strumming along with Wally to a terrific uptempo song. The crowd loved it and applauded long and loud.

It was magical!

Music is such an inspiration for the crowd as well as the musicians and this was a moment to remember!