In life it's so important to be able to laugh; otherwise all you can do is cry.
Contained on this page are opportunities to possibly enjoy a good laugh or two.
Have fun.


Wally likes to mingle with other entertainers when he gets a chance. It gives him opportunities to discuss issues and exchange ideas with prominent entertainers who have much to offer him.

It's one of the many pluses of being in "the field of music".

However, sometimes surprises happen as Wally has found out!


A string walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender turns to him and says, "Sorry, sir, we don't serve strings here."

The next day the string returns to that same bar and orders a drink again. The bartender, resolute, again turns and says, "I'm sorry, sir, but like I said, we don't serve strings here. I'm going to have to ask you not to return."

Dejected, the string returns home. All night he tosses and turns, wriggles and writhes, and awakes the next morning not at all resembling himself. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he brightens and runs out his door to that bar.

Swaggering in, he orders a drink one more time. The bartender stares at him, squinty eyed, and asks, "I'm sorry, are you a string? You look very familiar."

The string locks eyes with the bartender, and states, "No, sir. I'm a frayed knot."

NOTE: If you've got a fun country photo (in good taste of course) that depicts something humorous about country culture by all means send it along to me with your name and where you're from. If it's a good one I'll add it to our page and give you a credit for it.


Even in the deep south there are opportunities for redneck individuals to brainstorm and come up with exciting and original ideas to transform and improve their ways of life.